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The Drumdrill is a unique community platform. Drummers meet up online to practice all manner of stick control, rhythmic patterns, rudiments or any other drumming concepts together, live. Originally created in the middle of 2020 as a way of keeping our spirits up, it has grown into a diverse community of drummers who support and challenge each other in what can often feel like the more laborious side of drumming.

It is not a technique lesson or an intensive course, nor it is about learning cheap tricks and flashy licks. It is simply a place where we turn up, draw inspiration from each other and our favourite drummers, and help each other getting some work done.

It is an informal and pressure free environment with plenty of spontaneity and has proven to be a great way of keeping both our hands and heads healthy.

Come check it out.


MEET Anyone can watch tutorials on Youtube or Instagram but to connect with a community of drum nerds to inspire you, motivate you and laugh with is another story. Until now. LEARN The technical/rudimental world doesn’t have to be a cold one. Charge up your playing with ideas tuning in to our live group sessions or using the resources available on the platform. PRACTICE  To make to the difference between learning an exercise (memorising) and actually improving a skill (using an exercise) is a key aspect of what we try and do. We may be practicing on one surface but we think music & drums. Contextualise. This is not practice pad Olympics. 

All of the sessions are live and last around 60 minutes. The content will vary but we usually follow this rough template:


Exercises using larger Rebound/Full strokes with simple sticking and accent patterns.


Getting the brain and the ears going, using rudimental ideas or short phrases and playing around with displacement, permutation, changing the sticking or subdivisions.


Working on existing material from Gary Chaffee, Joe Morello, Ted Reed, Gary Chester, Steve Gadd, Charley Wilcoxon… or even making our own based on songs we like.


Wrapping it all up with some focused drills and endurance routines. Tommy Igoe’s Lifetime Warm Up is often on the menu here.

Ultimately, it is all about:




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As a Drumdrill member you will get access to:

A community of like minded drummers to connect and interact with.

A minimum of three weekly live sessions lead by myself, usually held at 10:00 and 18:30 (GMT)*.

Access via the platform to PDF notation of the exercises, drills and concepts used during the sessions.

Access to pre-recorded 'Practice Along' videos.

Priority access and 50% discount on all 'Guest Sessions'.

20% discount on all 1-1 lessons.

Free cancellation at any time.

* Live sessions will be confirmed the week prior as schedule may vary.

7-day Free Trial

Hey dude, I just wanted to write and say man, thank you so much for all these drumdrill zoom sessions. They really do brighten my day and I look forward to all of them – whilst at the time – enjoying the shit out of them, every time. I have wanted for a long time to do something like this and theses sessions are number one priority in my (now) daily routine. Thank you. You do a f***** great job and I love the challenges. And honestly, the “faster is better” joke is hilarious – don’t stop saying it 😉 makes me chuckle everytime!
Stay safe and…play faster.

Ben Welburn

Loving your work G
Just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying the drum hangs.
You’re a bloody grouse! Thanks so much for what you’re doing and the fun drum times!
Loving getting my arse kicked by your silky chops.

Adam Coad